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7 Pointe Pointers

Parks in Indy Fall in Indiana is one of the best times to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Maybe you just moved to Indianapolis or maybe you just want to find a new outdoor space to ...
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Sep 27
Apples Abound in IndianapolisOne of the highlights of fall in Indiana is the abundance of fall produce. From squash to pumpkins and beyond, there’s plenty to enjoy. But one of the most popular crops i...
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Sep 16

Building Better Sleep Habits

Top Tips for Maximizing Sleep

We all crave a restful night’s sleep, but that doesn’t mean we get it. Better sleep means a better you: you function better, think clearer, and have more energy. But what do you do if sleep evades you...
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May 27

Work-From-Home Dogs

Helping Your Dog Adjust When You Go Back to the Office

Has your dog gotten used to you working from home over the past year? With many people slated to return to the office after a lengthy span of working from home, even the best behaved dogs may experien...
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May 21

Outdoor Dining

Make the Most of Dining Al Fresco

With the arrival of beautiful spring weather, you’ll want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Outdoor dining is a great way to bring some sunshine and fresh air into your day, and at 7 Pointe, ...
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May 10